Experience Hospitality

April 8 – 12, 2024

24 industry tours. 500 students. 1 lifechanging week.

It’s one thing to learn about hospitality in a book – it’s another thing to experience hospitality! With generous support from U.S. Bank, the California Restaurant Foundation sent 500 teens on exclusive tours of restaurant headquarters, entertainment venues, and food distributors. Students learned the business side of foodservice and the various professional career paths that await them.

These tours provided students with an immersive, enriching, and inspiring experience. It’s the spark that puts a career in motion!

Thank You to Our Incredible Sponsors and Host Sites!

Not Your Average Field Trip!

The goal of Experience Hospitality was to show ProStart students the business side of foodservice.  And who better to how to develop a restaurant concecpt than, say, the Founder of Urbane Cafe? Or supply chain than the President of Sysco? You get the point!

We had an impressive line up of leaders from finance, HR, culinary R+D, IT, legal, and operations. Executives cleared their schedules (not easy to do!) and spent the entire day with the students. Showing them how our industry works. We put together a running list of tour highlights and photos on our LinkedIn. Check it out!

Learning Business Basics

U.S. Bank volunteers rounded out each tour with a discussion on small business basics. They introduced concepts like debt and equity financing and elements of a business plan. Students are putting what they learned into action! They are creating business plans and 5 schools with the best plans will each receive a $500 grant!

Networking with Execs

Imagine being a high school culinary arts student and getting to have lunch with the CEO of Lazy Dog or a VP at BJ’s Restaurants! Talk about access!  

Each tour hosted a networking lunch with company leaders. It was a unique opportunity for students to try out “networking” – a new skill

The lunch also gave leaders a chance to get to know our ProStart students – Where do they work? What are their college plans? What do they love to cook? A powerful experience for all involved

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