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Each year, we give 13,500 young people the skills to land their first job
and go to college.



ProStart is a two-year high school culinary arts and restaurant management program. 

In California, the CRF runs the ProStart program in 140 public high schools – reaching 13,500 students. Many of the schools we serve are under-resourced and are in disadvantaged communities. 

ProStart allows young people to dream beyond their neighborhood and discover their passions. CRF connects the restaurant industry with the classroom to provide unparalleled learning experiences. 

NEW in 2020! The California Restaurant Foundation brought the restaurant industry into the digital classroom! We developed videos, activities, and tools to punch up lesson plans and keep students engaged. 

It all starts with a goal and a passion for the food industry

Discover how these two young professionals dream of owning their own restaurants!
2021 Student Testimonials - Travis
2021 Student Testimonials - Michelle

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Hands-On Learning

The California Restaurant Foundation supports hands-on learning in public high schools. When a school uses the ProStart curriculum, CRF provides resources to bring lessons to life! 

Professional Development for Teachers

Industry-Backed Certificates

Job-Readiness Trainings

Entrepreneurship Progams

Competitions for Scholarships


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Get Involved

The California Restaurant Foundation is a non-profit that is 100% supported by our industry partners, charitable organizations, and volunteers. Help the good work continue!


Help us bring life-changing resources to public schools in California!  $50 covers one student for a field trip and $100 brings a demo to a classroom.  Our work is 100% supported by donations. 

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Corporate sponsors make our work possible! Consider sponsorships a hybrid philanthropic/marketing opportunity. We offer industry-facing and student-facing sponsorship opportunities. 

Making an Impact

from our students

We use restaurants to create tremendous opportunity for young people. Nearly one in three people get their first job in restaurants, and job opportunities within the restaurant industry are expected to increase 9.1% over the next decade. CRF provides youth the skills, certifications and resources they need to land that all-important first job. While not all ProStart students will end up in the restaurant business, the skills they learn will translate to success in other fields.

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