2017 Culinary Clash Videos

Black Bear Diner

  • Amuse Bouche – “Jive Turkey Pop,” bite-sized balls from Foster Farms Ground Turkey, ground pork, egg, Italian seasoning, panko breadcrumbs, kosher salt, ground black pepper and chopped parsley. Pops served with cranberry jalapeño chutney.
  • Entrée – “Rockin’ Ricotta Turkey Roll,” stuffed butterflied Foster Farm Turkey Tenderloins with sautéed garlic and shallots, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, spinach, chopped parsley, salt and pepper topped with chimichurri.
  • Team – Joanna Dean (IT Director), Arnie Castro (Culinary Operations Director, Jonah M. (ProStart student)
  • Award – The Purse

BJ’s Restaruants

  • Amuse Bouche – “Asian Ahi Tartare”. Ahi tuna in a poke sauce topped with a wasabi guacamole, mango relish, wontons strips and topped with a spicy Sriracha mayo.
  • Entrée – “Cokieyaki,” a stir-fry of three different FreshPoint baby beets, carrots, yellow onion, red bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash mixed with a Coca-Cola based sauce. Topped with seared turkey tenderloin, rice noodles, green onions and drizzled with a Sriracha Coca-Cola sauce.
  • Team – Sal Gutierrez, Bob Salessi (Area VP of Operations) and Andrew M. (ProStart student)
  • Award – Ecolab Champ

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

  • Amuse Bouche – Mango gazpacho topped with Colossal Crab .
  • Entrée – Foster Farms Turkey Tenderloin stuffed with FreshPoint beet greens and quesillo, Coca-Cola mole, avocado crème fresh, and a beet and corn relish.
  • Team – Curtis Mar (Chef), Nicole Fisher, Kevin S. (ProStart student)
  • Award – ​ Ecolab Champ

Hard Rock Cafe

  • Amuse Bouche – Shard pineapple rolled in Cajun spiced bacon dipped in Cherry Coke cheese fondue.
  • Entrée – Blackened ground Foster Farms Turkey patty on top of a cheese-stuffed pupusa, glazed with Coca Cola sweet sauce, and topped with sautéed baby root vegetables. Served with charred corn relish.
  • Team –  Alex Masrouga (Chef), Charles Clover, Orlanda D. (ProStart student)
  • Awards – KitchenAid Commercial Champ, Team Spirit

Lawry’s Prime Rib

  • Amuse Bouche –“Torched Japanese Scallop Ceviche” Yuzu, cucumber juice, white soy and Ogo.
  • Entrée – “Chai Tea Applewood Smoke Foster Farms Turkey Tenderloin with Urfa Biber Crust” Ingredients: Cherry Coke mostarda, gingered carrot puree, baby beets, pea tendrils, chanterelles, edamame sprouts.
  • Team  – Dana Dare (Chef), Richard Frank, Matt D. (ProStart student)
  • Award – Golden Plate, Coca-Cola Champ

Specialty Restaurants Corp.

  • Amuse Bouche – Foster Farms Turkey Tenderloin Meatballs with a Cherry Coke Asian BBQ Sauce.
  • Entrée – Buttermilk Brined Fried Foster Farms Turkey Tenderloin and Waffles with Brûléed Maple Fluff, braised beet greens with sweet and spicy syrup.
  • Team – Michael Brennan (Vice President), Eric Mickle (Chef, Orange Hill), Ali M. (ProStart student)
  • Awards – Foster Farms Turkey Champs, FreshPoint Secret Ingredient Champ

Urban Plates

  • Amuse Bouche – Pan fried flourless chocolate cake topped with melted white chocolate, a fresh raspberry, and an edible orchid.
  • Entrée – ”Thanksgiving Sushi” using Foster Farms Turkey Tenderloin, yam spears, and FreshPoint baby beets sautéed in butter, rolled in stuffing and soy paper sushi style over a Cherry Coke cranberry reduction, topped with bulls blood micro greens and a puree of turnip.
  • Team – German Crespi, Thomas McNamara, Drake R. (ProStart student)
  • Awards – Golden Glove, Best Bite

Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Centers

  • Amuse Bouche – “Cherry Coke and tequila glazed shrimp with pineapple mango salsa and fried plantains.
  • Entrée – Pan-seared Foster Farms Herb Turkey Tenderloin with Simply Cranberry and Simply Orange Juice sauce, sautéed FreshPoint beet greens, butternut squash puree, all served with a baby arugula apple and beet salad.
  • Team – Justin Kerr (Chef), Roman Cota, Sara S. (ProStart student)
  • Award – People’s Choice

Yard House

  • Amuse Bouche –Poke Nachos, crowd-pleasing bite was made with Ahi tuna marinated in soy sauce, chili sesame oil, and ginger served on a crispy wonton chip topped with green onions, masago, nori, spicy mayo and fresh avocado crema.
  • Entrée – Foster Farms Turkey Carnitas Street Tacos. Crispy turkey mixed with a Coca-Cola, Mexican spice and chili glaze on a warm corn tortilla. Served with a fresh avocado salsa and a side of deconstructed elote.
  • Team – Nick Brandler, Cailey M. (Bonita), Sara D. (San Dimas)
  • Award – Teamwork Champ