2018 Culinary + Cocktail Clash – Dishes and Drinks

Aug 28, 2018

BJ’s Restaurants

​Awards: The Golden Plate Champ Amuse Bouche: Thai Turkey Wontons A taste of the East with an American Flair. The Wonton incorporates a creamy cheese mix of green onions, cilantro, ginger, and turkey. We add some spice with sriracha and sweet red chili. Finally it is balanced out with kosher salt, black pepper, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce. Topped off with a dash of sesame seeds and a Coke dipping sauce. Entree: Daniel’s Turkey Coke Pho ​An American twist on the Vietnamese tradition. A steaming hot broth with a mixture of flavors ranging from ginger, aniste star,and cinnamon. Fresh ingredients that bring out the earthy texture such as carrots, celery, onions, bean sprouts, snow peas, and green onions. To bring the flavor together we have turkey, red fresno chili, coke sauce, sambila sauce, and Thai basil on top of rice noodle.

Black Bear Diner

​Awards: FreshPoint Secret Ingredient Champ  and Team Spirit Champ Amuse Bouche:  Whipped feta cheese cucumber bites tipped with sun dried tomatoes and basil Entree:  A classic turkey gyro with a fresh veggie and peach (secret ingredient) salad on top. The tzatziki sauce had a splash of Zico Coconut Water.

California Fish Grill

Awards: Mentor of the Year and Teamwork Champ Amuse Bouche: Sprite Lobster Ceviche – micro greens – Sprite agua chile – Sprite avocado coulis Entree: Pan Roasted Turkey “ColaSala” – cauliflower risotto – butternut squash – forest mushrooms ​- sage

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

Awards: Coca-Cola Champ Amuse Bouche: Turkey Tsukune​ Turkey meatball, ginger, garlic, sesame, scallion – garlic lime aioli – soy Cherry Coke glaze – Togarashi Entree: Turkey Katsu  Breaded turkey thighs, turkey wing friend rice (fish sauce and sesame), cabbage slaw with miso Coke vinegrette, Coca-Cola katsu sauce

Hard Rock Cafe

​Awards: People’s Choice Amuse Bouche: ‘Bloody Mary’ Gazpacho c.71 Heirloom tomato and English cucumber gazpacho seasoned with our original 1971 Bloody Mary mix recipe, chilled, and served with crispy basil. Entree: Cajun Stuffed Turkey Wing Foster Farms turkey wing stuffed with gulf shrimp, turkey andouille sausage, and Creole holy trinity. Dry rubbed, flash fried, and tossed in our Classic Rock Buffalo sauce with a Jack and Coke drizzle. Served with hardwood smoked red chili & blue cheese slaw.

House of Blues

Awards: Golden Glove Champ Amuse Bouche: Hamachi crudo, mango avocado relish, toasted baguette, wasabi aioli, saffron aioli, olive oil caviar, ash infused salt Entree: Turkey el pastor tostada, jalapeno pesto, charred pineapple, smoked cotija, pickled red onion, lime crema


Awards: KitchenAid Commercial Champ Amuse Bouche: Fried Polenta Cake – goat cheese mouse – duck prosciutto – micro radish – marinara sauce Entree: Lawry’s Herb Breaded Turkey Thighs  – sauteed baby potatoes – brown sugar glazed multi-color carrots – Cherry Coke reduction

Pacifica Hotels

Awards: Foster Farms Champ Amuse Bouche: Jumbo Lump Crab Cake – citrus habanero sour cream – sweet corn salad Entree: Turkey Hash Benedict – sauce “Maltaise” and savory bread pudding – turkey chicharrones

Specialty Restaurants Corp.

Awards: The Best Bite Champ Amuse Bouche: ​Creamy Tomato Soup Shooter with Grilled Cheese Sticks Fire-roasted tomato soup with crispy turkey skin three cheese stick Entree: Turkey Pineapple Fried Rice Pineapple, green peas, turkey, teriyaki & soy sauce served in a half pineapple

Urban Plates

Awards: Ecolab Champ Amuse Bouche:  Sauteed pear with brown sugar and butter with Gorgonzola, arugula, candied walnut, balsamic glaze and Gorgonzola mouse. Entree:  Marinated turkey egg roll served with a pickled veg, cilantro, and green onion salad over forbidden black rice and paired with a fish oil vinegar dipping sauce. Simply Orange Juice was incorporated into the glaze to enhance sweetness and add brightness to the dish.

Wedgewood Weddings

Awards: The Purse and the KitchenAid Commercial Champs Amuse Bouche: Spicy Turkey Canapé  Fried blue corn tortilla, black bean purée, poached turkey, chipotle crema, cherry tomato, turkey skin chicharron Entree: Mango Turkey Kabobs Marinated pan-seared turkey, mango coconut purée sauce (with Zico Cononut Water and Sprite), sautéed tricolored quinoa salad, lime pesto, Sprite foam​


Lazy Dog Restaurant

​Award: The Diageo Golden Goblet

Cocktail: Day at the Spa 


1.5 oz Ketel One Vodka
0.25 oz Chareau Liqueur
0.5 oz Torani Rose Syrup
2 oz Fresh ginger infused cucumber water
0.75 oz Aquafaba
0.25 oz Barrilitos Pear Cucumber Agua Fresca
½  Lime squeeze 

Garnished with viola edible flowers


Hard Rock Cafe

Cocktail: Smoke on the Water  Ingredients: 2 oz Ancho infused Don Julio Silver Tequila .5 oz Torani Agave Nectar .5 Grapefruit Juice Splash of Sprite Jalapeno & Grapefruit peel garnish Directions: Mix in agave, tequila, and grapefruit. Shake, strain, add sprite.

House of Blues

Awards: Best Garnish  Cocktail: Midnightmare​ Ingredients: 1.5 oz Don Julio Silver 1 oz Hennessy 1 oz lime juice 1 oz Simply orange juice .5 oz Torani agave syrup 2 raspberries 1 blackberry .12 tsp activated charcoal .25 tsp edible pearl dust Directions: Muddle raspberries and blackberry in shaker. Add Don Julio, Hennessy, lime juice, orange juice, agave syrup, charcoal, pearl dust, and ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into skull decanter. Add applewood smoke into skull decanter and cap. Swirl ingredients to help infuse smoke. Pour over fresh ice and garnish with bamboo skewer of two raspberries and one mint sprig.


​Cocktail: La Agua Meil ​ Ingredients: 2 oz. Don Julio Silver .50 oz fresh lime juice .50 oz Torani agave .50 oz Lemongrass Peppercorn Shrub 2 dashes Orange bitters Top with Sprite Directions: Smoke glass with dried passilla chile, peppercorn and lemongrass. Let glass sit in smoke while you add all ingredients to shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Add Ice to you smoked glass and pour cocktail. Top with Sprite. Garnish with Fresh Edible Orchid, orange peel and Lemongrass straw.

Pacifica Hotels

​Award: The Craftiest

Cocktail: Sunrise Sunset


1.5oz Don Julio Blanco
.75oz egg white
.5oz yellow chartreuse
.5oz lemon juice
.25oz Coca-Cola
.25oz Torani Rose Syrup
Grand Marnier: rinse
Orange Fanta ice ball

– reduce Coca-Cola with Torani Rose Syrup into a simple reduction
– Orange Fanta ice ball created with ice ball press
– Dry shake tequila, chartreuse, Coca-Cola/Torani syrup, lemon juice, and egg whites. Rinse glass with Grand Marnier. Insert ice ball. Quick shake with ice.

Rock & Brews

​ ​Award: Coca-Cola Champ Cocktail:  The Dead Rockstar Ingredients: .75oz Don Julio Silver Tequila .75oz Don Julio Reposado Tequila .75oz Don Julio Anejo Tequila 1tsp Prickly Pear (Gold Label Mix) .25oz Lonin Syrup (Torani) .25oz Cinnamon Syrup (Torani) .75oz Coconut Water (Coca-Cola) Directions: Combine all ingredients in shaker, and ice, shake vigorously, and strain into cooler glass with pebble ice. Garnish with dehydrated lime, 2 brandied cherries, mint, edible orchid, cinnamon stick, umbrella, two swizzle sticks, 2 bendy straws.

Specialty Restaurants Corp.

​Cocktail: Southern Pear  Ingredients:  1.5 Don Julio .5 Prickly Pear .75 Fresh Lemon Juice Splash of Sprite on top 3 dashes of Cucumber Bitters 3 pieces of Mint in Shaker Directions: Rim the glassware with Pink Himalayan Salt Jigger and shake all ingredients with ice. Double strain over fresh ice. Express mint bouquet over glass and garnish with bouquet.

Wedgewood Weddings

Cocktail: W.G.W​ Ingredients:  Don Julio (2.5 oz) Simply Orange (.5 oz) Brown Cinnamon Sugar Syrup “Torani” (.5 oz) Heavy Cream (1 oz) Triple Sec (.5 oz) Orange Swatch Abuelita Chocolate Chocolate Orange Wafer Chocolate Orange Slice Directions:  Add 2.5 oz Don Julio, .5 oz Simply Orange, .5 oz Brown Cinnamon Sugar, .5 oz Triple Sec and heavy cream to shaker tin. Shake and strain into coupe glass Flame Orange Swatch over drink Shave Abuelita chocolate over drink Garnish with chocolate orange wafer and chocolate orange slice