CRAF is proud to partner with Galardi Group Inc., (Wienerschnitzel) on scholarships for the 2018-2019 school year. In its inaugural year (2017) the scholarship fund had a tremendous impact, awarding $20,000 in scholarship money to five very deserving students, including Ny-Lynn Chelette and Iris Cruz:

  • Ny-Lynn Chelette/Texas Tech University
    “Serving food to serve others means that there is a domino effect. When you serve or help another, they in turn will serve or help someone else. When I finally graduate, I hope to leave a very lasting effect on those I help so that they will help others.”
  • Iris Cruz/California State University, San Bernardino
    “I have been working for Wienerschnitzel for almost three years now and I have definitely learned a lot from this company. From serving customers and making sure they’re satisfied to learning about what it’s like to run a business, I have gained knowledge that will help me in the future.”

This scholarship fund is unique in that it is designated for students who are current Wienerschnitzel Service Center, franchisees or crew members (referred to as “Wienerschnitzel Members” collectively throughout the application) or even immediate family members of Wienerschnitzel Members. Applicants must be pursuing careers in culinary arts/hospitality management, business or education.

Interested in applying? The CRA Foundation is now accepting applications through May 31, 2018, apply on-line at