Restaurants faced-off in the eighth annual Culinary + Cocktail Clash, a fundraising event to benefit the California Restaurant Association Foundation (CRAF), presented by Coca-Cola. The community event was held on June 2 at the GardenWalk in Anaheim. 

Culinary teams, comprised of a restaurant executive, a corporate chef and a ProStart high school student, had 30 minutes and two butane burners to create an amuse bouche and an entrée. More pictures can be found here.

Required Ingredients + Equipment:

  • Coca Cola – Coke, Sprite, Simply Cranberry, Orange Vanilla Coke, Zico Coconut Water
  • FreshPoint Secret Ingredient: star fruit
  • Foster Farms chicken thighs 
  • KitchenAid mixer + blender  

Banana Bay 
Awards: KitchenAid Commercial Champs

  • Amuse Bouche – Thai jerky-style fried chicken on sticky rice with papaya, shrimp floss, toasted peanuts, marinated tomato, sugar snap peas, fish sauce caramel.
  • Entrée – Thai Mintleaf, marinated cucumbers, rice, greens, and toasted peanuts.

BJ’s Restaurants
Awards: On the Menu Champs

  • Amuse Bouche – Fresh take on a chicken lettuce wrap. Chicken was sautéed in house-made “Coke Pao” sauce.
  • Entrée – “Coke Pao” Foster Farms chicken served with vegetables and soba noodles

Black Bear Diner 
Awards: Foster Farms Champs, People’s Choice, Mentor of the Year

  • Amuse Bouche – Chicken and portobello mushroom ravioli with tomato sauce
  • Entrée – Lemon and caper chicken with seasoned vegetables

California Fish Grill 
Awards: Coca-Cola Champs, Team Spirit 

  • Amuse Bouche – The Chicken of the Sea, Tuna infused with white truffle oil and herbs presented with chives on top of dry ice. Zico coconut water was poured over the ice making it turn a pink color.
  • Entrée – A macadamia nut crusted chicken with a Coca-Cola and soy reduction. Served over a brown rice quinoa risotto, miso sprite dressing, charred asparagus and bruleed miso star fruit.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse 
Awards: Golden Plate Champ

  • Amuse Bouche – Striped bass Sprite and Zico Coconut Water ceviche with smashed avocado and pickled radish and cucumber with crispy wontons
  • Entrée – Citrus chicken thigh mole with crema and torched orange supreme

Awards: Golden Gloves Champ

  • Amuse Bouche – Crispy pita round with hummus, chipotle lime sauce and crispy chicken skin
  • Entrée – Coke Chicken Kebab Plate – Vanilla Orange Coke marinated chicken thighs with yogurt and mediterranean spices and with Tzatziki sauce and Zough Sauce on the side, topped with a star fruit and Coca-Cola beurre blanc sauce. Roasted Vegetable Medley – Simply Cranberry Basmati rice with dried cranberries and apricots and butter almonds

Pacifica Hotels 
Awards: Best Bite Champ

  • Amuse Bouche – Chicken Picado Sope. Marinated Foster Farms chicken thigh, Coke barbeque pinto beans, Sprite pickled habenero, queso fresco and chicken chicaron
  • Entrée – Chicken and Waffles. Nashville hot chicken, Coke bulgogi thigh infused waffle, charred hatch aioli, maple syrup vinaigrette

Specialty Restaurants Corp. 

  • Awards: The Purse Champ, The Innovator Champ, Teamwork Champ
  • Amuse Bouche – Heirloom tomato and Zico Coconut Water consumme served with a dungeness crab and coconut salad on top of a sourdough crostini disk and a dollop of caviar
  • Entrée – Foster Farms chicken thighs served on corn risotto paired with toasted corn bread with truffle ice cream. Garnished with popcorn crumble and pickled cherries. Finished with shaved Australian black summer truffles.

Urban Plates  
Awards: The Purse, FreshPoint Secret Ingredient Champ

  • Amuse Bouche – Lamb meatballs with Romesco sauce, mint Gremolata, a top homemade naan, garnished with microgreens
  • Entrée –Jerk chicken with potato and plantain puree, Zico Coconut Water pan sauce, served with kale salad with edible flowers

Wedgewood Weddings
Awards: Ecolab Champ

  • Amuse Bouche – Blueberry waffle covered with honey chipotle butter, fried chicken with coca cola syrup and sprite blueberry puree
  • Entrée – Braised chicken with mushroom gravy sauce and Garlic Potato pancakes with green chives and cheddar cheese, topped with tomato, chives and cheese crisps